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 Sophia Grahm

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Name : Sophia Grahm
Age: 18
Birthday: October 16th
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Name: Sophia Grahm is an eighteen year old girl, born to Chicago natives Ben and Liz Grahm. She’s 5'4 with long black hair, normally pulled back in a bun or ponytail. She recently graduated from Highschool, after four amazing years. She was quite popular among her classmates, seeing as she’s almost always hyper and very funny everyone got joy from spending time with her.
She hangs out with anyone who will talk to her, and if you won’t she’ll probably get you to laugh through her ways of trying to make you talk. She’s a very up-front person but when someone gets upset at her she’ll get very sad very quickly. She’s extremely sensitive when something goes wrong but it takes a lot to really effect her.
Sophia tossed to her side in her twin bed, the sheets warm from sleep wrapped tightly around her, she let out a little sigh, she hated waking up this early! It was seven am and she’d gone to bed at four am the night before. She ran her fingers through her hair that had fallen down in the middle of the night. She’d had this feeling in her for months- she didn’t quite know what it was but in that moment it hit her.
It was that overwhelming tiredness she had even when she’d woken up from the deepest of sleeps, it wasn’t being tired and needing more sleep! She was tired of Chicago- it was too farmiliar, every street, every curve of the roads, her parents faces, the neighbors, the color of each building. It was everything she’d ever known and she was sick of it. Sick of waking up to the same breakfast every morning and going to bed at the same time at night.
She’d graduated from highschool two months earlier, so the freedom that she’d missed from summer breaks came back a bit. But it wasn’t enough to last her long- she still had mom and dad bossing her around and she just couldn’t handle it. She stood up and got dressed, going downstairs to talk to mom whom had made pancakes..again.
She explained how she felt and within a few hours her things were packed and she was getting on a plane, that’s how she got here. She loves it already, the new sites, smells and faces. It’s everything she’d never dreamed of. It’s perfect in that way– everything and anything that happens here would be new and unexpected. She’d meet new crabby neighbors and find out who was nice and who just..wasn’t!
She got off the plane and stepped out onto the curb, luggage in hand.
She was finally free.

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Sophia Grahm
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