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Stevie Duprey Stevie

Stevie Duprey
Age: 21
Birthday: June first
Status: Single

Stevie Duprey was brought into this world on a Tuesday in a small hospital, in a small town, her mom still tells her about how when she was born the rain stopped and the lightning stopped and the thunder just stopped. Stevie didn’t really care, she spent as much time outside as she could, away from her family who owned the Duprey farm. She had a lot of space to live and she was a pretty girl, always trying to avoid the boys who stared, ever since she was a little girl of 12 she’d been getting stared at by older men.
Far older then her, men in there thirties, one man imparticular, 33 year old Henry Collins used to stop her every morning on her way to the bus stop to feel her up. And she’d whimper and ask him to stop, and sometimes he would. Most times though, he didn’t he’d just keep on brushing his fingers across the front of her jeans. And eventually he would walk away wordlessly. Stevie missed as many days of school as she could, or tried to hitch a ride with her dad to get to school so she could stay away from Henry. When she turned Fourteen he was killed in a tractor accident. There was a big funeral service and after that she was free to live her life her own way, walk to school, walk home without fear that Mr. Collins would want to -‘need to’ he’d always say- touch her.
Then in her freshman year she met a man named Tomas Dean, he’d lived down the road from her for a year and they hit it off during their first conversation he asked her out and the next night they were kissing, and the next week they were having sex. Of course mom and pop were completely unaware of the fourteen year old sneaking boys up into her bedroom -right by the old tree- it was the perfect location as far as she saw it. Her boyfriend would come up every day and they’d fool around and then he’d leave without saying goodbye.
She never knew it wasn’t supposed to be like that, he shouldn’t come in and leave on his own accord, he should be caring and want to hold her through the night. She found this out when she made her first real friend in her junior year. She broke up with Tomas then, and he’d spread around everything they’d ever done in that small bed of hers. There were enough stories to last for months, once one died he’d spread another, and most of them were true. And pretty soon Stevie lost her first -and only- friend, in a small town if you’re friends with the town slut you’re probably a slut too.
But she’d never thought what her and Tom where doing was alright, she never really thought it was wrong either so the stories that spread like wildfire and the way people reacted always seemed to shock her. She pretty much hated her life as she went through highschool, they school had given her a nickname, saying it was perfect, just perfect for her. Even one of the teachers had slipped and called her it, her mom knew about it, her little brother Joey called her it when she got on his nerves. Everyone was calling Stevie The Skeevy Slut.
And she was sick of it, dead sick, as soon as she graduated highschool she was out, time to get away from the people she'd always known
Stevie Duprey Vsf9tc
She took a deep breath and walked through the front door of my house, sighing lowly and raking a hand through her long golden hair. Mom and dad were already sitting down at the blue and white cloth-covered table and she joined them quietly, her chair scraping ever so lightly against the floor as she scooted in.
“I’m leaving momma.” She nodded and her dad looked between them both with wide, angry eyes.
“You won’t be doin’ no such thing ” He argued, standing up, dad had always had a short temper, ever since the rumors about Stevie and Tomas got to him.
“I can’t live here anymore daddy.”
“You’re gonna have to learn princess.” Her momma spoke up and put her hand over her daughters with a gentle smile on her face, trying to ease the pain she was so obviously feeling.
“I’m leaving. I can’t live here anymore, I’m done with it, I’m done with this town, with these names I’ve been called since I was fourteen I’m done ” She stood up and ran up the stairs, her dad at her feet. Old man could never run fast enough though, she was in her room with her clothes already packed and he was banging with his fists so hard it cracked a slit right down the middle of the door.
She threw her bags down from her room and climbed down the tree, gathering her suitcases and taking one last look at the world she’d always known before getting into her dad’s old blue pickup and hitting the road.

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Stevie Duprey
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