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The knock on the door echoed in the silent living room. The Jameson’s , Mr. and Mrs., both jumped from their seats as the sound came crashing through the tranquil house. Though they had been expecting company, it was almost twenty minutes late and they’d been waiting in dead silence for at least that long.
The knock came again, this time around rattling much less than before. Mr. Jameson glanced over at his wife, who nodded to him slowly, before folding up the newspaper he was reading and setting it down upon the coffee table. He got up from the couch, taking a moment to straighten his pants and shirt, and began walking over to the door.
He opened it quickly, the door already unlocked, and was greeted by a young man, probably in his early twenties, standing on the other side with his hand poised to knock again.
“Is this 537 Oak street?” he asked softly but confidently, his voice, though firm, barely carrying over the wind.
“Yes, you must be…” Mr. Jameson started and his wife cut in. “ Cloud!” The small woman's arms went around his neck. “JASPER GET DOWN HERE NOW!” On a few moments later, a man who looked exactly like him walked down the steps, the only difference was the blonde locks of hair atop his head. Cloud and Jasper, twins? Cloud stood staring. Apparently something had happened at the hospital the day Cloud and his twin Jasper were born...Cloud was taken by another family and here his life began. The doctors messed up, they gave him to another family who's baby died, and told Cloud's parents the twin didn't live. Jasper stood there in complete shock, so did Cloud.

Four years later.

Deciding to keep the last name of his previous family, Cloud stayed Cloud Seeber instead of changing to a Jameson, Cloud moved to the city and his brother Jasper joined. They roomed together and became thick as thieves. They both discovered their commonalities, like the love of horror movies and not being able to stand high-pitched noises. They both disliked Italian food for the most part and they both disliked cucumbers.
However, they had many differences. Cloud loved thunder storms, and Jasper was afraid of them, Jasper loved winter and Cloud couldn't stand the cold. Their personalities, nothing alike although they took up the stereotypical twin thing, finishing each other's sentences. Cloud's life before the new family remains a secret although Jasper's been cracking down for the past couple years.
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